Our answer to the global recession: don't buy new but retrofit!

One of the problems that packaging companies are facing is the reliability of their current tablet counting  machinery. The high cost of machine down time due to failure, service and maintenance has to be in balance with the high cost involved in purchasing a new machine. Apart from the purchase price of the new equipment, there's also other aspects involved that come along with the new piece of equipment. Such as:
  • Shipping & Installation costs
  • Change of floor plan due to different setup
  • Synchronization problems with other equipment from same packaging line
  • Training of staff due to unfamiliarity with new equipment
  • Obsolete costly spare parts or wet-parts from old equipment
  • Compressed air incompatibility (new equipment may require different air quality specifications)
  • Electrical incompatibility (50/60Hz problem; single-phase/ 3phase problem, higher wattage, etc etc)
  • Calibration and spare part costs (costs may be significantly higher for your new equipment)


Similar, starting packaging companies face the costs involved in purchasing a tablet counter. If you can't afford a new one you're best choice is a used one. However, buy a used machine and you may well buy unknowingly someone else's nightmare. Second, companies that sell used tablet counters usually know very little about them and you will soon find out they won't be able to help you with the problems you encounter.

XIAC offer companies a package to upgrade their current machine with state of the art electronics in an effort for another 15 years of trouble-free production. These Total Electronic Makeovers (also known as Retrofitting) give companies huge benefits.

* note: requires upgrading of electronics in detection unit or "electronic eyes"




Retrofitting costs:

There are costs involved that need to be considered before choosing to retrofit your machine.

  1. Onsite inspection of your machine. Not always necessary and can be avoided by means of good communication between client and XIAC. However, for some machines, we do recommend an onsite inspection.

  2. Hardware costs (PLC, HMI terminal, electronic boards, cables etc etc)

  3. Costs for options (extra sensors, extra recipe files, bottle reject station, USB backup etc)

  4. Research costs. We do not have all required documentation available for every machine and may need to do onsite electrical and mechanical measuring. This may also include reverse-engineering of old electronic boards.

  5. Installation, commissioning and staff training. Again, not always necessary and can be avoided by means of good communication between client and XIAC. However, for some machines, installation by one of our qualified engineers is a must.

XIAC is determined to prepare a "plug and play" upgrade and will double-check everything before the upgrade is ready to be installed.


Some of our upgrades




We sell upgrades / retrofits / XIAC extensions for Cremer CF830, CF1220, CF622, TQ1220, TQ480; CVC Technologies CVC1220; C.E. King TB4, TB5, TC8, TC12, Swiftpack Kalish, DT Swiftpack, IMA Swiftpack, Swiftvision, SV2, optical as well as EFS (Electro Static Field) counting equipment.


Q: What is Retrofitting?

A: Look here in Wikipedia


Q: Which machines are eligible for retrofitting?

A: We recommend machines that are 15 years or older.


Q: Do you only retrofit Tablet Counters?

A: At this stage "yes", however, we're looking into other equipment as well.


Q: My machine is completely "dead" can it still be retrofitted?

A: In most cases we're able to bring your machine back to a glamorous life.


Q: Do retrofitted machines come with warranty?

A: All retrofitted machines carry a 1 year warranty (terms and conditions apply)


Q: Do you also retrofit machines outside Australia?

A: We can retrofit machines world wide.