King TB5 with UBCD Retrofitting & Maintenance Project

(Service of the Door Assembly 9-04-2009)

The "Door Assy" consists of the electronic product sensor, light source and product guide flap with it's electric and mechanic drive circuit. Due to build up dirt, the guide flaps change-over very slowly while it is of utmost importance that change-over time is very short to guarantee correct counts as well as performance. The light source in combination with the electronic sensor will only detect (count) the products correctly if electronic specifications are within tolerances and light source is setup properly. Neither of these requirements were met.

Electronic product sensor

Electronic sensor; the "eye" that detects the product, in this case a photovoltaic cell (a.k.a. Solar Cell) is used in combination with some transistors to generate a single pulse each time a product passes between light source and sensor.


Door Assembly mounted in TB5

The door assy mounted in the TB5. Clearly visible are the 2 light sources and 2 windows that pass the light through to the electronic sensor.


Dismounted Door Assembly

Dismounted door assy ready to be cleaned and serviced


Light source with globe

Light source. The type of globe as well as the positioning of the globe in reference to the optical lens is very important for accurate count results.


Close-up of the electronic sensor

Close-up picture of the electronic sensor. One solar cell with 3 transistors. Designed to be non-sensitive for low frequency changes, like slow changes in light emission due to warming up of light source, or slow build-up of dust on sensor window. It's not really an early form of electronic dust compensation, like the Cremer CF-1220 has, because voltage levels do drop without compensation when dust builds up.

Some cleaning work

The Door Assy is carefully dis-assembled and cleaned, 1 channel at a time.


Door Assembly clean and serviced

Clean and serviced door assembly, ready to be put back into the TB5. Everything is properly aligned and functions perfectly!


After completion of all jobs, the retrofitted machine will be for sale and will be in a better than new condition!

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