Our excellent work can be verified!

Alaron www.alaron.co.nz
Alphapharm www.alphapharm.com.au
Blackmores www.blackmores.com.au
Cremer Speciaalmachines www.cremer.com
Empirical Labs www.empirical-labs.com
iNova Pharmaceuticals www.inovapharma.com
Lipa Pharmaceuticals www.lipa.com.au
Nupac Industries www.nupac.com.au
Pharmtech www.pharmtech.com.hk
ProThera, Inc www.protherainc.com
South Pack Laboratories southpack.com.au
Wire Mesh Industries www.wiremesh.com.au
Zifam Pinnacle www.zifampinnacle.com


Your valuable machine is with us in good hands. To prove that, we can supply a list of contact persons for the above mentioned companies should you require any references.