Choose van der Meij for your tablet counter XIAC Australia was founded in 2004 by Dutch engineer Michael van der Meij
Want to count faster? Add van der Meij to your tablet counter!
Double the BPM output while maintaining 100% count accuracy.
All our upgrades are designed and manufactured in Australia
----- Michael van der Meij aka CF1220Guru -----

XIAC latest news:  < 15 December 2023> Our latest retrofit & upgrade installation was for a compact two tray Swiftpack machine. Our equipment is easy to install, pre-assembled and validated, perfect for world wide shipment. While most of the time, customers install the new equipment themselves, occasionally a customer prefers to send over their machine. We took the opportunity this time to record the full process on video to compile a kind of "behind the scenes" video for our YouTube channel.
Please contact us for more information regarding the products we provide for your tablet counting equipment. This could be retrofits, upgrades, refurbishments or XIAC extensions for Cremer, Swiftpack or King machines.

XIAC latest news:  < 04 July 2023> CF1220-LTE retrofit / upgrade, compatible with the Cremer CF1220, TQ1220 and CVC1220 tablet and capsule counting machines.
With great success trialed in our Swiftpack upgrades, this economical upgrade, requires only the processor board (PLC) and HMI or HHT (Hand Held Terminal) to be replaced.

- Installation within 1 hour
- No cable replacement
- Maintain 100% counting accuracy
- High speed Mitsubishi PLC
- 10-15% increased output

Benefit from increased efficiency due to:
- AFC (Automatic Feed Control)
- sDSG (Smooth Down Stream Gating) up to 65BPM with Speed Nozzles
- Quick bottle reject times
- Staged memory flaps (reduced nozzle blockage)
- Double product-Double count (accurate counts even when products overlap)
- BPM timer to maintain consistent production output

- Fallen bottle or bottle up/side/down detection (also available for clear bottles)
- Jammed bottle detection
- Dust-Extreme upgrade for detection unit (excellent performance even during extremely dusty product runs)
- Sine wave vibrator drive for smoother and quieter product run
- Easy-Clean memory flap cylinder nuts and buffers

NOTE: XIAC's proprietary "Dust-Extreme" tablet detection sensors are unrivalled in the market when it comes to counting extremely dusty products. While other sensors become inaccurate or fail after 30 minutes or 1 hour, our sensors keep on going and generally only need cleaning once a day.

Cremer CF1220 TQ1220 Upgrade as offered by XIAC Australia
Common error messages on the CF-1220 tablet counter are: Channel defect, Output defect, COM1 defect, COM2 defect, Upload error 90 (9), PWM control, Frequency Control, RAM defect, Channel defect 1, Product too long / overlap, Overcount, Undercount, Not separated, Double detection , Nozzle error (blocked nozzle)
Common issues Cremer CF1220 counter: Overcount followed by undercount, Undercount followed by overcount, Products shooting out of the counting channels , Nozzle vibration not working well, Machine up/down control not working, Broken tablets in bottle, Product falling out of nozzle when bottle is indexing , Product jamming in nozzle, Product jamming in channel insert, Running (counting) gummies, Product not transporting well on vibratory trays , Products piggyback (capsules) , Screen not working, Screen with lines / stripes, Screen faint

XIAC latest news:  < 09 February 2023> Introduction of the MicroXF small size tablet / capsule counter and the MicroIC bottle index carousel. Designed for desktop automated tablet counting.
Excellent choice for Pharmacies, Universities, Hospitals, start-up companies, large Pharmaceutical companies, counting of sample / stability batches

!! Unrivalled in all aspects !!

- Compact tablet counter, small footprint
- Light weight
- Quiet
- Accurate (100% in most cases)
- Versatile
- Environmentally friendly, uses little power, can run on small solar panel.
- Tablets, pills, caplets, hardgel capsules, softgel capsules, Toothpaste Tablets, confectionary, seeds etc.
- Industial performance (up to 15cm/sec)
- User friendly (with recipe structure for product and bottle)
- Servo vibration system with AFC
- Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual and Check-counting
- Bottle reject function
- Hybrid counting sensor with our very own "Dust-No-Problem!" detection protocol (no dust extraction required).
- Suitable for jars, bottles, tubs, pouches, stand-up pouches, punnets etc etc.
- Counts accurately from tiny poppy seeds up to size 000 softgels
- Designed and manufactured in Australia

In Automatic mode, the MicroXF can also be connected to a bottle conveyor, bucket elevator or form-fill-seal machine (stick packs).

MicroXF tablet counter and MicroIC bottle index carousel

XIAC latest news:  < 03 February 2022> With over 60 installations worldwide, our Mitsubish PLC based XIAC controllers for the C.E. King TC8 and TC12 tablet counters are still one of the most popular upgrades.
The controllers feature:
- Drop-in replacement for the old TC8 or TC12 controller
- Optional electronics for the sensor head (counting head)
- Optional set of cables for slides unit, sensor head etc
- 100% counting accuracy

Replacement controller for King TC8 and TC12 tablet counter

XIAC latest news:  < 17 July 2021> New batch of Cremer CF1220 detection unit connector boards just arrived! These boards generate a local VCC supply for the counting control board. It is 100% guaranteed to solve the most common problem that is associated with the CF1220 Detection Unit. Customers usually report getting a "Product too long/Double detect" error message followed by a "Channel Defect" message. This can happen a few times a day up to several times per hour. Our very easy to install XIAC board 950702X is a direct replacement for Cremer board 950702 (P/N 7049.507.021)

Replacement for Cremer Connector board 950702

XIAC latest news:  < 01 July 2021> Upgraded Swiftpack (Kalish) SPC12 tablet counter. Unlike other upgrades we have for the Swiftpack, King and Cremer machines, this specific one is for counting products in bulk. Say 1,000 to 10,000 products per pack. The vibratory plates will slow down when the count is almost reached so that there are only very few extra products. The operator takes out the extra products and transfers them into the next tub so that each tub will have the exact quantity of products.
Click picture to watch YouTube video
Kalish Swiftpack XMT3 controller upgrade

XIAC latest news:  < 02 April 2021> Our King TB4 & TB5 upgrades are, after more than 10 years, still one of our most popular upgrades. These machines keep running, even if some of them are more than 50 years old! The upgrades consist of a tablet detection sensor with variable sensitivity; an LED light source with variable intensity and a controller (aka batch counter) with a colour touch screen HMI. The whole set is ideal to count anything from small caplets to size 000 softgels.

CF1220Guru latest news:  < 25 December 2019> We now have our patent pending Hybrid Counting Protocol adopted for the standard Cremer CF1220 tablet counter. This is especially efficient for bottles with small counts (say quantities below 80 pieces per bottle). The Hybrid Upgraded CF1220 can run up to 120 bottles per minute (in some cases even more). Compare that to the 55BPM maximum output for the standard (not upgraded) CF1220. Upgrading is easy, cost efficient and can usually be done within 2 hours while the machine is still attached to the rest of the production line. Different degrees of upgrades are available, they all include a new HMI operator screen with Ethernet connection and a high speed Mitsubishi PLC.

Swiftpackman latest news:  < 12 October 2018> Our latest upgrade was for an 8 channel DT Swiftpack tablet counting machine. We installed a new XMT4 controller; new HMI screen and new counting head electronics. As an add-on, a new pneumatic valve manifold and new cylinders have also been installed. Although the machine was built in 1996, with the new electronics (built around the latest Mitsubishi iQ-F series PLC), our latest counting protocol and Dust-No-Problem tablet detection electronics, this machine is now in a better condition than when purchased 22 years ago.
DT Swiftpack XMT4 controller upgrade

Previously:  < 21 February 2018> The drop-in replacement for the old Swiftpack MT3 terminal is now available. This new controller uses a state-of-the-art Mitsubishi PLC together with a colour touch screen terminal.
Swiftpack MT3 controller upgrade

Also available:  < 4 June 2017> We now supply Synchronized counting heads for the Swiftpack machines (25PSR & 35PSR). Synchronizing the counting heads has the advantage that should light be detected in a channel that came from a neighbouring channel, this light will not result into "ghost" counts. Ghost counts are faulty count pulses that lead to undercounted bottles. The original SPARC Systems boards (and to a lesser extend the un-synchronized XIAC boards) suffer from this problem. Synchronized heads are the best option for your Swiftpack machine.
Synchronized Swiftpack Counting head sensors Synchronized Swiftpack Counting head sensors

Download Sensor documentation for 25PSR replacements
Download Sensor documentation for 35PSR replacements

YES, we also repair Swiftpack MT3 terminals!   These terminals are used in a wide variety of counting machines, including the SPC type Swiftpack Tablet Counters from 4 to 16 channels, single and duplex machines. Duplex machines usually run with 16 channels split over 2 chutes (8 channels per chute) to fill 2 bottles at a time.
A Swiftpack MT3 terminal under repair

Also Available  < June 2016> We professionally recondition and supply Memory flap units for the Cremer CF1220 tablet counters. The new XIAC design comes optionally with internal electronics to validate each and every cylinder stroke and an iPhone app for configuration. The reconditioned CF1220 memory flap units use approximately 45% less compressed air!! All units (new or reconditioned) come with a certificate of compliance for the cylinder timings.
Upgraded original CF1220 memory flap unit XIAC CF1220 memory flap unit with internal validation
Picture of a reconditioned Cremer CF1220 memory flap unit

Download CF1220 Installation validation manual here
Download CF1220 iPhone app manual here

Also available  < February 2016> For over 6 years, XIAC provides upgrades for the King TB4 tablet counters. Our latest design is a compact controller with colour touch screen terminal. Comes standard with product particle filter; parameters for softgel capsules and user restrictions that can be enabled or disabled.

Download King TB4 Installation validation manual here

Also Available:  < December 2012> This kit is for tablet counter manufacturers that desire the best sensors for their tablet counting machinery. The kit consists of a 6 channel detector, 6 channel emitter and 6 channel amplifier unit. Of course it incorporates our popular "Dust-No-Problem!" detection algorithm.

Contact us now to enquire about the "Dust-No-Problem!" upgrade kit.. This easy to install kit comes with 100% money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Our latest upgrade features the Cremer CF-830 Type II Tablet Counter

Click images to enlarge.

Cremer CF-830; King TC-8; King TC-12; King TB4; King TB5; Swiftpack SPC Upgrades

We can upgrade and/or retrofit these machines:

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XIAC is well known for solutions in industrial automation. We do electronic repairs, electronic design, develop software, improve/expand current solutions. Our main customers use pharmaceutical tablet and capsule counting machinery.

  • Industrial Electronic Design : We are experts in designing sensors to detect all sorts of products. This includes, but is not limited, to tablets and capsules. We also design PLC protocols to accurately count your products. PLC software includes Mitsubishi, TwinCAT and Allen Bradley. Our protocols can also be converted to common languages like C, C++, Pascal or assembler. We're currently working on a "Counter-In-A-Box" unit. This unit is for machine manufacturers that want to design a new tablet counter but do not want to worry about the electronic aspects. XIAC Australia designs sensors, emitters, sensor amplifier modules, vibrator control boards and can link everything together with a PLC and TouchScreen terminal.

  • Industrial service & maintenance: We service many manufacturing and packaging equipment around the Sydney area. For example:

  1. King TB-5, TB-4, King Dispensa; We also supply tailor made electronics to accurately count clear gel capsules with these counters.
  2. King TC-8 Tablet counter (service, repair & upgrades)
  3. King TC-12 Tablet counter (service, repair & upgrades)
  4. Swiftpack machines that have "SPARC SYSTEMS LTD" PSR25 (with and without automatic gain control) (ELSEN25PSR) sensors in the sensor head. PCS 2547/1 & PCS 2548 ISS 0. We supply new “Dust-No-Problem!” sensors world-wide. New sensors have 46dB electronic dust compensation and are exclusively available through XIAC Australia.
  5. Most Cremer machinery including CF-830, CF-1230, CF-1220 (service, repair & upgrades)
  6. Swiftpack / Kalish SPC and DT type HMI and controller upgrades
  • Calibration service: We calibrate King, Swiftpack, Cremer and several label pre-counting equipment.

  • Total Electronic Makeovers (Retrofitting): Pharmaceutical Tablet counters like King TB4, TC8 or Cremer CF830 usually still look like new even after more than 20 years. The problem is usually not mechanically but electronically. The old electronic parts are no longer supplied or have lead times over 8 weeks. To save production down-time, we can deliver a package to completely strip all electronics in these machines and replace it with state-of-the-art modern technology electronics. This is much cheaper than buying new machinery and more reliable than purchasing second hand machinery. Machines that had a total electronic makeover will last for another 15 to 20 years! See also our Products and Project


XIAC Australia tablet counter services, upgrades and retrofits. With XIAC, your tablet counter is always in top condition!